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We don't think the same, we think together.


Travis keeps me sane! He has a natural eye for cinematic video but he also keeps so much straight in our business on the backend. He preps gear, manages gobs of batteries for our cameras/drone/gimble/lights, customizes audio, and is my cheerleader and pushes me to be better at editing films. Travis is such a go-to guy on the wedding day. Besides being an incredible cinematographer, he’s always there to help and serve in any way.


This is me! I’m in charge of a lot of things…except mowing and grilling. I started my photography business in 2012. I knew videography was an avenue I eventually wanted to pursue and we made that dream come to life at the end of 2017. Photo and video is my creative outlet. I was never very good in art class or even coloring within the lines, but with a camera in my hands, my world changed. Now I paint with light.

Travis and I work together as a husband and wife team on the wedding day. What you may not know is that we both still have full time jobs (which we love) but this business provides a creative outlet for our right-brained selves. We just love creating stuff!